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An Outline of the Events at Mount Sinai (Exodus 19–40)

Exodus 19:1–8God makes a covenant with Israel through Moses.
Exodus 19:9–15The preparation for God’s visitation.
Exodus 19:16–25God descends on Mount Sinai in fire, smoke, and the sound of a trumpet.
Exodus 20:1–17God preaches the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel.
Exodus 20:18–21Israel fears God, asks Moses to speak as an intercessor.
Exodus 20:22–23:19 God gives Moses more instructions concerning ceremonial and moral law.
Exodus 23:20–33 God promises to send his “Angel” to fight on behalf of Israel and clear out the land of Canaan and warns them not to stray after the other false gods.
Exodus 24:1–8God ratifies (seals) the Old Covenant with the blood of sacrificed animals.
Exodus 24:9–11Moses goes up with Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu and they “see” the God of Israel and they “ate and drank.”
Exodus 24:12–18God calls Moses further up the mountain. Joshua follows.
Exodus 25:1–31:18 God gives Moses instructions concerning the tabernacle (the mobile tent which served as a temple), the priesthood, and the Sabbath observance.
Exodus 32:1–6While Moses is gone, Aaron fashions the golden calf for the people. The people worship the idol, eat, drink (get drunk) and play (have relations with one another).
Exodus 32:7–14God offers Moses the possibility of destroying Israel and starting over with Moses. Moses pleads with God not to forsake his people, but to remember his promises. God relents because of Moses’ intercession.
Exodus 32:15–20Moses heads down the mountain and smashes the Ten Commandments in anger. He takes the calf and grinds it to powder and makes the people drink of it.
Exodus 32:21–24Moses questions Aaron. Aaron blames the people and the fire, similar to how Adam blamed Eve for his sin.
Exodus 32:25–28Moses has the priests (sons of Levi) slaughter all the idolaters and revelers.
Exodus 32:29–35Moses offers himself as an atoning sacrifice. The account ends with the Lord plaguing the people for their idolatry.
Exodus 33:1–6God promises to uphold his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and promises to send his “Angel” to drive out the Canaanites.
Exodus 33:7–11Moses serves as a mediator in the tabernacle on behalf of the people.
Exodus 33:12–17God promises his Presence will be “with” Moses as they go to Canaan.
Exodus 33:18–23Moses asks to see God. God shows him his “back.”
Exodus 34:1–28God renews his covenant with his people proclaiming his mercy, but warning not to fall into the idolatry of the Canaanites.
Exodus 34:29–35Moses must veil his face before the people because they are afraid.
Exodus 35:1–40:33Moses gives commands for building the tabernacle and the people complete it.
Exodus 40:34–38The cloud and glory move from Sinai to the tabernacle.